What the Facts State About Arizona’s Immigration Law

About AB 1070

There’s been a lot of passion coursing through the internet, and other media these days concerning Arizona SB 1070, the law concerning illegal immigrants and ‘racial profiling.’

Passion is good. If people don’t care, we are in trouble.

That said, the bill states: ‘Requires officials and agencies to reasonably attempt to determine the immigration status of a person involved in a lawful contact…’

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This means that the police can’t just stop a person because they have ‘profiled’ him, but must stop the person for lawful reasons, that is, the immigrant is actually breaking the law.

If a person breaks the law he is always required to show identification, usually in the form of a driver’s license. In the immigrants situation, he is being asked to show a different form of identification: the green card.

To me this doesn’t seem cruel and unusual. It is is merely asking a person if he belongs here. If he’s truly a law breaker this is going to come out anyway.

Thus, the real point about profiling now becomes…if a person is suspected of being a criminal, does the officer have the right to suspect that he is in this country illegally because of the officer’s observations of the person’s appearance?

Does a criminal have the right not to be suspected of other crimes?

Quite honestly, this is asking the officer not to observe and use judgement concerning what he observes.

And, in an odd twist, if the officer does not act on his observations, it is likely that he can be sued for not ensuring the public welfare by acting on his observations.

Interesting Catch 22, eh?

That all said, in this writer’s viewpoint there is a trade off here: the people of Arizona are being kidnapped, raped and killed. This is their reality.

People in other areas are not being kidnapped, raped and killed, and thus have a different reality…and opinion.

Is the power to ask a person for a piece of paper more important than a capital crime?

And, the question becomes…do our Arizona neighbors have the right to protect home and family? And, can they justify Profiling a person once that person has been caught in connection with criminal acts?

While passion is an admirable trait, it should probably be set aside if one is to best judge the facts; it should probably be set aside if we wish to remain a country of law.

In closing, let me say that the Arizona law is available for viewing. Simply google something like ‘Arizona Law Text,’ or ‘SB 1070 text,’ and you should find it. Please examine the language, offer any corrections, or opinions based on facts.

But, please, hold off on any name calling. This writer is not a fascist or a racist, or engaged in any other form of Ignorance.

Further, name calling merely stirs the pot, and does not resolve any situation.

Remember, you catch more flies with honey, even those nasty, right wing flies.

Peace to you.

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