Why an Advertising Tax is a Good Tax!

Time to Tax Hollywood

The city of Los Angeles has considered, in past months taxing billboards, digital signs, and super graphic advertisements.

That this probably abrogates the 1st amendment of the Constitution is beside the point, for Councilman Herb Wesson has brought it up again.

And, at first, I was irate. The bloated government fat cats bleeding the people and destroying businesses and running us into slavery and…then I realized something.

unfair taxes

How the government a-tax people.

I don’t like watching those ads on the corner of my TV screen. They dance and gyrate happily, taking up a fourth of the screen, and totally ruining the suspension of reality that TV is.

I can’t tell you how many times I was going to find out that the butler did it, or see the conclusion of a gunfight, when suddenly…la, la, la…figures dance blithely across the screen, watch the episode of American Idle next Wednesday at midnight! See the news which you deliberately avoid this Saturday morning at…and so on.

Which butler won the gunfight?

I don’t know, and I am left with the sense of pulverized self worth…spending an hour waiting for a punch line, and then being distracted out of it by these stupid figure ads in the corner of my very own TV!

So I think an advertising tax might be a good thing.

But, for Gosh’s sake, tax the right advertisement!

Tax those stupid, little faces and figures interrupting my gosh darn soap operas!

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