Hillary Clinton! All Hail the Chief!

Hillary Clinton, the Next President of the United States?

There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton will be the democratic candidate for president, and a good chance she will win.

She will be the candidate because she basically stepped aside for Barack Obama in 2008. Barack, you see, could swing the vote for black people, gay people, women, and handicapped. Which is basically what the new democrat party, except for some very brain challenged white people who haven’t gotten the memo yet, is.

She stepped aside, was given an important office, was then protected from the fall out when her very important office dropped the ball, read treason, at Benghazi. In other words, she has been waiting in the wings for her shot at running the country.


hillary rodham clinton

The face of the Feminist Future, and the destruction of family values.

Even without the black vote, which Barack will doubtless try to sway towards her, she commands the vote of the brain challenged, the infirm, and especially the women.

So, there’s a good chance she might be elected.

And, there is no news here, because she will continue the same liberal agenda of population controlling globalization that the democrats have been on for over 100 years.

You see she is merely the latest in the hair brained feminista that have run roughshod over the rights of man.

Carrie Nation started the craze by breaking into saloons with a hatchet. Why wasn’t she thrown in jail for everything from destruction of property to breaking in to…whatever? Because the liberals wanted women to take their place in the war on humanity.

How about Margaret Sanger? Proponent of Eugenics, a woman who killed babies. Now a poster child for liberalism. Why wasn’t she arrested for conspiracy and murder? Because the liberal forces invading common sense wanted somebody to control the population (kill pop off) and set the stage for globalism.

then there’s Eleanor Roosevelt. Held up by historians (of the liberal ilk) as a great lady, she was actually a wacko, trying to undermine common sense with her failed experiments, and eventually contributing to one of the greatest crimes against America in the last century, the creation of the United Nations. Yes, folks, Eleanor is the original lady globulist.

And now we have Hillary. Whose only claim to politics is that she is married to Slick Willy. The woman who the buck should have stopped at with Benghazi, and likely should have been tried for treason for that terrible crime.

One more in a long line of liberal women, beginning with prohibition battle-axes, continued with serial killers and globalists.

But better than all those, in a sense, for having possibly committed actual treason against the United States of America.

All hail the Chief…Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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