Hillary Clinton Pregnant!

Former First Lady Preggers!

Insiders are reporting that Hillary Clinton is actually pregnant.

Mrs. Clinton is 69 years old, and sources are saying that she has been the recipient of an in vitro impregnation.

Please don't hurt a pregnant woman!

Please don’t hurt me, I’m pregnant!

Bill, currently resting at Jeffrey Epstein’s island retreat, could not be reached for comment.

Mrs. Clinton is currently under investigation for Benghazi, the destruction of over 30,000 emails, selling uranium to Russia, selling high tech secrets to China, raising funds for Iran, the death of Vince Foster, and a variety of scandals connected with the Clinton Foundation.

And you thought she was just chowing down on the pizza all this time!

That Mrs. Clinton is too old to be having a baby is obvious, but she doesn’t have to carry the fetus to full term, only until the liberal media can whip up sufficient outrage over the ‘prosecution of a pregnant woman’ to cause the investigations against her to be dropped.

Apparently, Mrs. Clinton knows the name of the sperm donor.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has long considered Hillary a hottie, is planning a tour to end the ‘Hillary Witch Hunt.’ This would appear to prove, in conjunction with insider comments, that he is the ‘father.’

The Reverend Jackson, currently resting at Jeffrey Epstein’s island retreat, could not be reached for comment.

Mrs. Clinton, during the 2016 presidential campaign, stumbled upon entering a vehicle. It was wildly reported that she was ill. Apparently she was having difficulty with initial attempts to impregnate her.

Mrs. Clinton has refused to comment on these reports, but is apparently being consoled by Human Abedin.

President Trump, when asked to comment, tweeted that: ‘This is one witch hunt where they got the real witch!’

This unsubstantiated, speculative rumor has been brought to you by the same idiot who wrote: The Day the President Killed the United States! Go to AlCaseBooks.com to find out more.

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