How Many Will Actually Die In the Coming Apocalypse

How Many of Your Friends Will Die?

The coming apocalypse is not just the perfect storm, it is a converging of perfect storms.

Everything has been thought of (planned for/designed to happen) from water shortages, to energy shortages, to food shortages, everything has been laid out to happen.

perfect storm

Are you ready?

Interestingly, all these shortages are nothing but a lie, a commercial foisted upon the people of earth to make them more amenable to the ultimate takeover of the planet.

There is plenty of water; it can be taken from the ocean, and from the very air (air wells).

There is plenty of energy; it can be processed from plants with solar stills, harnessed from the wind and the sea, there is absolutely no shortage of energy on this planet.

Food can be grown in personal green houses, immune to GMO and insecticides and all the other plans of the people who wish to destroy humanity and make of this planet their own Garden of Eden.

Written about in Mayan calendars, predicted in the bible, this coming event has such world shaking consequences that the subconscious of mankind is spitting it up in everything from modern movies like 2012, to the oldest predictions of Nostradamus.

Probably the most specific of predictions is etched in the stones of the Georgie Guidestones. The Guidestones have ‘ten commandments’ on them, and these commandments are considered necessities for the future of planet earth.

Among the commandments is the rule that mankind’s population must be held down to 500,000,000. That’s five hundred million.

The math, then, becomes exact. The total population of earth, 7 billion, minus 500 million, means that 6 billion five hundred million people will die.

Or, one in 14 will live…or if you have a family of 14, 13 will die and only one will live.

Cut it any way you wish, this is a dire prediction. It is a calamity which will break apart all society and cause it to be restructured, from necessity to a feudal system.

I say this because the population of the world was 500,000,000 in 1500 AD. Feudal times.

The interesting thing is that, properly cultivated, rid of things like GMO and all the insidious humanity killing insecticides/herbacides/whatever, this planet could easily support a population of 50 billion.

It could do this, and with increased technology for all.

Simply, this planet could be a Garden of Eden for all, and not just the privileged few who have seen to the schemes that will result in the decimation of mankind.

The solutions are simple.

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