How the News Media Betrays the United States People

July 22, 2013

News Media Run Amok!

The purpose of the news media, as defined by the constitution, is to protect the people from the government.

Well, that hasn’t happened.

Used to happen, used to be that people went out and got stories and revealed the bad guys, and the result was elections and trials and all sorts of things.

news media

All the News fit to vomit!

Unfortunately, the news media has figured out how to avoid their responsibility.

Here are some things to think about.

First and foremost, every news channel has its commercial at exactly the same time. So who is doing the central programming? The point here is that they don’t worry about you tuning out because they are all the same. If you go from ABC to CBS…you are just going to a different page in the same magazine. Same no news, same slant, same bushwah.

Second, all stories are written for the reporters, and they frequently come from the same source. That hairhead carrying on about atrocities in the Sudan? He is reading something that was written based upon the same news feed that goes out to all the news channels. And the purpose is to garner support for revolution, and forget about Benghazi.

Third, the news is entertainment. They aren’t putting those chicks with the legs on TV because they are smart and balanced, but because they talk with lips that kiss. Watch, if you will, most people talk with the whole mouth moving. Most of the chickee hairheads I have seen talk by pursing their lips in a kiss. Just one more example of sex selling.

Fourth, the news is a mouthpiece for the people who own them. The bad guys, that is to same the people who run the banks, who make enormous money out of war, who sell medicines for diseases they thought up, own the mews media. Thus, the media presents stories that will benefit the creation of a new war, the selling of a new drug, and so on.

Fifth, their are dozens of little tricks used to trick viewers/readers into believing what the news media wants them to believe. Saying the camera is stopped, and keeping the interview going and looking for a faux pax. Or quoting out of context. Ambush journalism. Showing only the part of the interview where the fellow being interviewed says something dumb, and ignoring the parts where he asks for patience and understanding and so on.

Lord, I could go on and on. But let me make this point. The news media is programming. That doesn’t mean they have good programming, that means they are programming the viewer.

They are attempting to programming you.

By feeding you selective news, by emphasizing some news over another. By slanting news so that you are led on way or another…do you understand?

The solution, of course, is to turn off the news. Read stuff on the net. It may be wacky sometimes, but you will come across opinions and facts that the news media won’t give you, and even try steering you away from.

Go to places like Before Its News, and The Daily Neutron. Those are the places to go if you want real opinion, real facts, and not state operated ‘pravda’ style bushwah.

Heck, a good book is ten times better than listening to the news. You not only get fresh opinion, but your mind actually has to work, instead of just inputting the constant stream of crappy old much the news media wants you to have.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, at this point, the fantastic new novel by Al Case…‘The Day They Bomber the Hell Out of Los Angeles!’

Check it out…it’s better than the news media!

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