How Slavery Works in America

November 3, 2013

The Definition of Slavery in America

Slavery is when you work for somebody else against your will. This other person can use any means to insure your compliance. Whippings, billy clubs, tasers, guns…anything.

The original slavery in America consisted of people leaving the old world against their will. Starved into submission, resorting to thievery, they had been given a choice. Go to a hostile place and work for their masters, or rot in prison, or worse.

slavery in america

Ha! Got ya!

The big slavery in America, however, commenced with the importation of Africans. Black people Negroes…negras, niggers. This was a round robin of molasses and rum and black people from Africa, a win at every step of the triangle, for the profits were immense.

In the 1860s we fought a wa, ostensibly to end slavery, largely for other reasons, but the end result was the same: slavery became illegal.

Well, actually, slavery just went undercover.

There are several forms of slavery extant in this country in these modern times.

One is financial slavery. While most people feel it on the credit card level, enticing ‘stuff’ offered for ludicrous rates, and then the payments lowered so that one pays forever and ever and ever.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The wallet of America, the printing of money, has been given over to slavemasters, and they squeeze and throttle the American people through enormous rates, unbelievable surcharges, and through the implementation of financial schemes that are so illegal it boggles the mind.

Seriously, every single US senator or representative who has not come to the aid of America in this matter, who has not spoken up about this crime, who has not demanded that congress take back its role as the controller of America’s wallet, should be hung by the neck until dead because they have broken the constitution, betrayed a country, and are guilty of treason.

Now, there are several other types of slavery going on, but this writer wishes to just skip ahead to Obamacare.

Obamacare is a form of slavery, and probably a great knee slapping joke to the black man named Barack Obama. How wonderful, to hoist America on its own petard. How ironic.

No matter that Barack Obama never suffered slavery, but merely bought into the words and guile of small and jealous people who sought to justify their own pettiness.

The implementation of Obamacare started several decades ago. It started when big money bought health institutions and conglomerated them in HMOs.

The next step was to raise the rates. As one who lived through those times, this writer remembers the claims that the cost of health care would go down because of the HMOs. The exact opposite happened, and the big squeeze is on.

The third step was to charge the government the big rates.

In truth, people couldn’t afford the suddenly exploding rates, so the costs had to be passed on to an entity that could. The US government.

Again, the senators and representatives hopped on the band wagon. Whether because they were mentally ill and corrupt in soul, or because they were bought off, the United States government began paying off exorbitant bills.

Finally, the big one itself, make it compulsory for every citizen of the United States to pay their ‘health care’ tax.


Now, of course, the lies are being exposed. The program is obviously unworkable, but the pieces are there, and the treasonous congresspeople will argue over everything, repeal nothing, and finally enact their big ‘tax’ on the American people.

Death and taxes, in these modern times.

Or, rather, death, taxes, and…slavery.

Have you read The Day the President Killed the United States? It’s a rock ‘em sock ‘em read of what could happen to the United States if a person who was actually a traitor managed to assume the highest office in the land.

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