How to Stop the NSA Hackers from Breaking in to Your Computer

August 18, 2013

How to Confound the NSA Hackers!

This is the easiest way to stop NSA Hackers, or ANY hackers from getting into your files. There are a couple of drawbacks, but it all depends on the value of your info. At the very least, it is incredibly easy, and cheaper than spending thousands of dollars for firewalls that aren’t foolproof.

Before I tell you this thing, let me point to my previous article, How to Send Private Emails Without the Government Knowing About It. You may find this of interest after you read this article.

nsa hacker

Throw this monkey wrench into the NSA Hackers Works!

Now, don’t slap your head and curse me, but get a second computer, a cheapie, and simply keep your good computer off the internet. Don’t hook it up. Do all your work on your good computer, and send the data you want to upload to the cheapie. Use the cheapie to download what you want and send it to your good computer.

I know, it’s an extra step, but it is pretty foolproof.

You can set up your own network that is not connected to the internet. If you feel that separate net is hackable, you can always use thumb drives to pass info back and forth.

For Joe Blow and his porno, this isn’t really a big deal. Let the government come arrest him for being a pervert.

For people writing revealing books, or doing other personal work you want to keep in your own patent, this is viable, very viable and simple.

For companies with lots of computers, this is definitely better than a firewall. If you don’t need immediate internet access, you can just pass around a couple of cheapies, have some cheapie office boy make the rounds twice a day and collect data.

And, you might even use the email trick describing in my previous article to send interoffice memo, messages to the other coast, and so on.

The point here is that you shouldn’t have to become a computer expert to do your business and be safe from the government. You should have a simple method that takes no computer knowledge to implement, and that is cheaper than a firewall or virus program and all the updating.

So, I know you might have expected a bit of secret code in this article, or a how to that would look like Edward Snowden’s brain, but any code that can be written can be unwritten, and any computer on the internet can be hacked into. So this method I propose, though it has drawbacks, and is too simple for the more brilliant of us out there who really want to play around with super computerese….it is perfect for thos of us who are not computer brained and who yet still wish to confound, befuddle, and avoid the hackers, NSA hackers, or otherwise.

Read The Daily Neutron, it is for people without supercomputer brains.

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One Response to How to Stop the NSA Hackers from Breaking in to Your Computer

  1. Dave Webb on August 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    If you use an obsolete operating system that is never updated, your computer will be safe for now. Next year XP joins that group. Personally I use Ubuntu. Ubuntu is below the line where people write viruses for it. I have run into one virus in 5 years and the local software(all free) took care of it.
    It is UNIX based the same as Apple. (There are about 6 different UNIX languages out there.) Until recently Apple was safe. Now it has joined the main stream and is being hacked.
    I agree with the author about keeping your stuff safe by staying off the internet. A good password is always a good idea.
    For the internet computer Ubuntu has a lot of things going for it. Including a more efficient language that enables it to work quicker on older computers.
    Computer shops have older computers in the $120-$250 range.
    I have always been a fan of trailing edge computers because they are cheap and easily replaced…
    The one disadvantage of the free Libre office software is it does not have very good drivers for HP printers. They insist on drivers that keep 1/2 inch margins regardless. So doing label sheets is not very feasible. The Ubuntu usually is done when you start the computer so your old operating system is still there to do labels with.
    I normally stay to a variety called Edubuntu. It has a nice collection of games free with it. It also gives you the option of the older gnome desktop which I prefer. Some of my children like Fedora for that same reason.
    But for amateurs such as myself Ubuntu versions are the one of choice.
    It comes with a FREE office package equivalent to a $500 Microsoft Office Business package. The Anti Virus Software is fairly good also.
    It normally updates when you choose. None of this updating when you log off.
    It is estimated to have an enormous number of amateur programmers working on updates most of the time in one version or another. Mostly security updates with an occasional program error correction.
    Keep your password handy and simple. It has the drawback of wanting your password anytime you upgrade the features of it.
    It also has another advantage. For those in the hit and run category you can operate it from a USB stick on any computer though it is considerably slower.
    Those of us in the intermediate user range use the command line to update everything with a simple computer code. This is equivalent to DOS.
    A lot has been done with linux systems in the past few years including the current ANDROID systems. Yes they are linux based with no one supposed to have the password to go to the operating system and fix it. Find that annoying.
    A new generation of hit and run computers is Raspbury(spelling wrong?). It is about the size of a video card on a PC. It can plug into any convenient power supply source. It costs in the 40-60 dollar range and has limited memory.
    An interesting side note is the collaboration of Microsoft products with spyware. Yes those coupon programs love to spy on you. They will not work with Ubuntu directly, though there is a WINE program that will probably allow its use.
    Recently I have caught a local lumber company using it on their online software. The ubuntu is in a different language and it interrupts their attempt to spy.
    The mosot important thing is NEVER EVER put anything on a computer that you wouldn’t have the entire world view.

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