How the World is Being Conquered

April 2, 2014

The Way the World is Being Taken Over

Have you ever wondered why the world is being conquered by less than competent dolts?
We have Obama and his health care in the United States, while declaring war in all sorts of other countries.
We have Putin declaring war on Ukraine, and this after the Soviet Unjion self-destructed on the subject of war back in the eighties.
So why?

world conspiracy
These people are put in office by a corporation.
Here in the US, for example, Obama was selected from all the other aspirants for public office. They had to look pretty far down the chain to find somebody of his seemingly, low moral character. A junior senator that had never done anything.

But he was a good rabble rouser, and a draw for the minorities, and when they did the numbers…Obama was a sure thing to be elected in this unhappy united states.

The second step is to put money behind him, and discourage other candidates. Find scandal and rumor and put it to work against the other guys. Shovel money into carefully crafted campaigns.

And craft Obama into the perfect corporate image.

And, if the candidate is unwilling, corrupt him into the corporate vision. And compromise him so he won’t go rogue on you. Thus, Obama gets to ‘save the people.’ He becomes a hero (in the eyes of the bought media) for taking care of the sick and elderly and unfortunate. And, in Obama’s case, the gays and the women and the blacks. All solid voting blocks now.

Then you simply run him, and when he is elected, you own a government. You can do what you want, lie about it, and live the life…you are King for a Day.

That the scenario I have outlined is true is obvious, and you don’t even have to look at history. Simply ask who owns the republican party. Who owns the democratic party. Who owns the newspapers. Who owns the US.

And the US IS owned. It was made into a corporation almost 150 years ago, and since then it has been embroiled in constant war. Money has been made by the corporate owners, and we, the people, are kept nose to the grindstone. Education has gone down the toilet, and the constant push for patriotic fervor has been used against us, has been used to support war, theft of national resources, and the enslavement of a once mighty people.

And, this is being done in every country in the world, supported by dollars stolen from the people of the countries.
If you want to know more about this, you should simply read ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’ It is a thriller which depicts exactly what is going to happen in the United States should the current corporate agenda be followed.

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