How to Handle the United States Government

Making the United States Government Work!

It’s a simple matter of tightening the belt. Eating less. Austerity. But applied to the parasite sitting atop our throat and choking the life out of us.

If you go to:, you will find a list of 537 government agencies.

pathological president

What to do, and how to do it, when you’ve had enough.

Most of these agencies are either redundant, not needed, or at odds with the constitution, to say the least. Or, and this is the bugger, they are private corporations and are not government at all, yet do plenty of the ruling in this here country.

So let’s just take a random check of some of these agencies.

GSA – General Services Administration. In charge of $100 toilet seats.

State Department – promote peace. We are at war in 75 countries.

US Geological Survey – Take surveys. In charge of Global Warming.

Office of Government Ethics – Making sure the government and all its employees are ethical. Government and ethics are oxymoronic!

Marine Mammal Commission – Protection of marine mammals. Found an endangered species in the Gulf of California, which happens to be in Mexico.

Millennium Challenge Corporation – Fights global poverty. Gives money away to foreign countries, whether at war or not.

Minority business Development Agency – provides money, contracts, and new markets to minorities. Gives away money, gives away contracts instead of looking for lowest bid.

Migratory Bird Conservation Commission – Provides bird refuges and sets price to rent land. Takes land away from people at the price they set.

Department of Education – make educational excellence and opportunity for all. Dumbs down the US child so that we will all have third world educational levels.

Office of Postsecondary Education – Increase access to post secondary education. To make sure that all institutes of higher education follow government standards.

Denali Commission – promote infrastructure and economic support in Alaska. Help the pipelines and give away money.

Department of the Treasury – collects taxes and pay bills, manages currency. Hired the IRS.

IRS – enforce tax laws. Has its own courts, its own police, and is a private corporation that is not part of the US government.

Information Resource Management College – military and civilian education opportunities in information and cyber technology. Website can’t be found…Not found Error 404.

White House – Office of the president. Runs the world through executive order.

Okay, that’s just a few, so let’s talk and draw a few conclusions.

Many of these departments are redundant. There are probably 20 ‘defense’ agencies. Most can probably be consolidated.

Many of these departments are bloated. The White House claims 1300 people on staff. Yet independent sources put the number at a conservative 3300. And this includes such ridiculous positions as: 200 people to protect and help the Vice President. Yet the Vice President does nothing! And I have never heard of a plot to assassinate the second banana!

Want a treat? Read the book How to Kill. It’s a fun frolic through insanity, a place where you will go if you keep listening to the government!

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