How to Vote in ANY Election!

Up the Un-Party! Viva The Revolution!

Every once in a while somebody asks which party The Daily Neutron supports. After all, read it long enough, and one gets the impression that The Daily Neutron doesn’t like ANY politician.
Well, it’s true. We don’t like any politician. We would much prefer statesmen.
Or, to put it another way, we agree with the founders that merchants (people who actually run business for profit) should be elected for a term or two, then return to their real lives.
Unfortunately, Washington seems to have been taken over by either communists, or lawyers. Two very despicable species apart from mankind.
So we actually propose an Unparty.
What this means is that you look at the actual statistics of a state, the country, even your local city.
If the statistics have been improving, you keep bozo in office.
If the statistics are worsening, Bozo goes home.
I know California has gone from being a pretty good state to get an education in, to one of the stupidest, immoral, idiot states in the world. Not just the United States, but the world!
Heck, California is out-third worlding even the scummiest of low life countries.
Boo California.
The solution? Send those lifers home!
Get rid of Fienstien and Boxster!
Get rid of the reps who talk a lot but do nothing.
And don’t just look at education, look at all the factors: income up? Tax down? Less welfare? What else?
Ask these questions, then vote as the statistic demands.
No more of this republican and dummiecrat crap.
Tea Party? Okay, IF the person has run a business and has EXCELLENT statistics!
Did his business make money? Has it laid off workers? Are the policies humane?
These are the questions that the Unparty asks.
These are the questions that must be answered if we are to return this country from the third world and into its rightful place as a leader of mankind.

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