All Things Fit to Laugh At!

 Fantastic new Barack Cartoon Book! ~ The heck with Batman and Superman, this is the real deal!

Hillary and Bernie Caught Out! ~ Hillary and Bernie set new (low) standards of electioneering.

From Benghazi with love!What I like about this is that forgotten, little man behind her.

Happy New Year…Sort Of ~ Katko ushers in the new year as only Katko can!

Somebody Call the Game Warden! ~ Uncle Sam really needs to rethink

Barack Obama and ‘The Last Selfie’ ~ The True Barack Obama is captured in this brilliant cartoon.

Mr. Mandela, Party of Five! ~ Nelson Mandela revealed for his true self…his true allegiance.

Katkos on Robert FilnerFlush Filner! 

The Order of the Holy Hoodie! ~ Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Establish The Order of the Holy Hoodie!

 Katkos on the Syrian Affair! ~ The world organizes a blood bath for the ruler of Syria.

Doctor Sharpton’s Race Oil Linament! ~ Al Sharpton, what does he really do? Here’s the answer.

Putin and Obama to Joust! ~ And the winner is…

Another Cartoon from the incredible Katkos! ~ Alex Jones taken to the mat!

The Snowden Dilemma ~ Katkos Scores with a look at what is really happening!

An greasy situation caused by oily characters ~ Katkos weighs in on rising oil prices!

Prophiteering for Profit! ~ A brilliant look at one of America’s wonderful sideshows!

Guns v Terrorists! ~ Which side are you on?

This has been a very funny page about humorous humor. If you want to go to the source, visit Chris Katkos.


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