IBM, Nazi Death Camps, and the Coming Holocaust

July 13, 2014

Was IBM responsible in part for the Holocaust?

In the 1880s Herman Hollerith got a bright idea. He worked for the US census bureau, and he came up with the idea of punched cards to aid in the conducting of a census.

In the 1930s IBM utilized this technology to help the Nazis, under young Adolf Hitler, conduct their census, and then to use the information of that census to isolate people of Jewish lineage.

race war

Did Adolf get help from IBM?

The Jews were harassed, their businesses stolen and looted, and ultimately, they were sent to work camps where they were killed.

This was all aided by the technology offered by IBM, and is outlined in a stark, little book written by Edwin Black and titled ‘IBM and the Holocaust.’

In the modern era we have gone far beyond simple census reports. We now have government agencies such as the CIA and Homeland Security making a shambles of the the constitution and destroying all concept of personal privacy.

More, we have NSA, which has built a huge structure to collect all telephone conversations and computer. Ostensibly, to harvest the data for terrorists. And by making this claim they thwart direct investigation, stall, and do what they wish without authority or even a moral prerogative.

The way it works is this:
NSA collects data, isolates who is a criminal (in their mind, and without trial or confrontation by witnesses), then applies pressure through various means to adjust this person’s position in society. A word to a boss and a person is passed over by promotion. A disapproval on a home mortgage loan. A child shunted into a lesser educational district by a simple computer adjustment to records.

Then, people run out of pivotal jobs, and immoral criminals put into the jobs, the game swings into full sprint.

An event is created, such as a disease brought in through the unprotected southern border of the United States.

Homeland Security collects dangerous people, looting their bank accounts and destroying their businesses.

Dangerous people are deposited in FEMA camps, where they are ‘re-educated’ until they are deemed okay to rejoin the population (work at slave labor).

Elections are put off until enough ‘educated’ people are in the mainstream to insure the results.

And if they aren’t educable? They are disposable.

Now, is this this a pipe dream?
History, via IBM, has proven that it is not.

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Have you read The Day the President Killed the United States? It is a ripping tale of how executive orders could be used to demolish the United States, and make the idea of FEMA death camps all too true.

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