Is Hillary the New Pinocchio?

A New Standard of Truth Telling?

On this eve, with Trump victorious in S. Carolina, with Jeb Bush slinking off into the night, the real news is Hillary Clinton.

hillary trustworthiness

I caught one this big!

“I’ve never told a lie!”

Interesting. I thought that claim was reserved for Hey-soos Cristo.

And, in this claim, Hillary’s eyes were wide, non-blinking, empty of guile.

I would hate to play poker with young Hillary. No tells on that girl. Look you right in the face and say what she wants.

Mind you, I would like to trust the girl with the lowest ‘trustworthy’ rating in all of politics, but when she tells the entire US that Benghazi was caused by an independent film maker, when she tells the whole United States of America that she spoke correctly, and the families of those killed in Benghazi do not…I just have a problem.

Which brings us to a quandary. Should I vote for Bernie? Bernie’s popular, but he’s also a socialist, which means he’s a half a communist. And do we really want a communist in the white house?

Hillary or Bernie. What will I do…what will I do?

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