Is Lyin’ Ted the New Tricky Dick?

Watching Ted Cruz on TV…

and I am struck by a few things concerning presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

lying ted cruz republican primary candidate

My name is Ted Cruz, and I Don’t Even Look Like Tricky Dick Nixon!

Number one ~ in the beginning of the primaries he kept a relatively low profile. Later, he ‘borrowed’ positions that were made popular by other candidates.

Number two ~ everything he said, as I watched, was a lie, a fabrication, a slippery disingenuity.

Number three ~ in one specific, the bushwah concerning the ad concerning Trump’s wife, he claimed total innocence, that he didn’t know anything about the PAC (Political Action Committee) which put out the ad.
Which claim I couldn’t believe; Ted just reeked of lie. At the very least, should he actually be innocent, he did nothing to defuse the ad. Of course not. He is not so above the mud that he would not rejoice in the slime of that ad, and take the best advantage of it he could.
Further, he went on the attack, accusing Donald Trump of planting a story in the National Inquirer. This last, the planting of the story of Ted’s mistresses, is beyond ridiculous: Donald Trump does not do sneaky things, he is blatant and in your face to a fault.

The points above made me look at Ted Cruz a little harder, and here is what I found out.

Number one ~ He is the ‘ultimate’ Washington insider. He was a lawyer, a Director of Policy Planning at the Fed Trade Commission, a policy advisor to George Bush, a Solicitor General in Texas, and a Senator. He has connections everywhere, and to all of the people commonly held as ‘establishment’ people.

Number two ~ his wife is hooked in with those wonderful folks at Goldman Sachs, who contributed to the 2008 ‘Great’ Recession, and profited by the resulting government bail out.

Number three ~ he is backed by establishment money, unlike Mr. Trump, who is going to be beholdin’ to none after he is elected president.

So, the slime of lying and personal attacks aside, these are the facts.

A lying, fabricating, disingenuous, back biting, mud slinging, points the fingers at everybody else to cover his own lies….establishment politician.

Compare that to a fellow who builds communities, has been successful in spite of a government aimed at suppressing its citizens, and has totally revitalized the subject of politics, and given the citizens of the United States their first taste of real hope in over a hundred years.

Please feel free to offer counter argument in the comments. I have a viewpoint, not an opinion, and I am looking for more data before I conclude as to where my vote should go.

About the author: Al Case is the publisher and editor of (go subscribe). He is the author of many books, one of which is ‘Monkeyland,’ which tells the tale of a group of people who actually decide to revolt against the United States.

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