Is Mitt Romney the New John McCain?

Is Mitt Romney the RINO Replacement for McCain?

Good, old Mitt Romney has, once again, attacked Donald Trump.

You may recall that Trump has supported and endorsed Romney in his endeavors past the presidency, so why is Mitt bound and determined to sink the Trumpster? One need merely look at the new Representative’s record to understand.

mitt romneySo let’s look at Romney:

Mitt worked for Bain Capital, becoming a chief executive in that company–which company is nothing more than a corporate raider. That’s right, buy ’em up, fire people until it looks like a profit, then sell. And the hell with human beings; anything for a profit.

This meanness of personality seems apparent in his unceasing attacks on a fellow who has done him good.

He ran for president against Obama and choked. Couldn’t get off the ground. Did he sell out? He was doing well, then he suddenly shut up and let Obama run over him. Either he sold out…or he simply is incompetent.

His position on various issues is plain to see, but will he really stand up for them? Or are they just bytes to get elected. and then the hell with the rest of us?

One of the things he says is that he has close connections with people in government, and so will be able to get things done. This is an interesting statement, for it implies that he might be connected to the deep state.

So, is Mitt a two year old saying ‘me, me, me?’ Or is he just a RINO (Republican In Name Only)?

Does he stand for something? Or is he just going to be a mealy mouthed, wishy washy fellow like the late Senator John McCain?

This writer knows that he will be eyeing the new Senator from Utah with much suspicion and trepidation.

Romney’s rating will be listed in the near future  (see ratings for Senators HERE.) and it will likely be a two, or even a one. It will be up to him to raise his rating, or be a one hit wonder…and voted appropriately out of office quickly.

Read Monkeyland by Al Case.



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