Is Senator Feinstein a Closet Gun Toter?

Does Senator Feinstein Want Guns for Congress?

A rumor threading through the Democratic party is that Senator Diane Feinstein believes that government representatives should be armed.

Not just armed, but loaded to the gills. Hand grenades, bandoliers, bazookas, basically anything a government rep can tote.

The rationale behind this stance is that the second amendment pertains to elected officials and no one else. Thus, anything an armed citizen can carry, an elected official should be able to carry bigger.

gun ban image

The Good Senator at a Meeting of NOW (presumably)


Her staffers, had nothing to say concerning the rumor, and seemed nonplused that the notion had come up, or perhaps has been found out.

Senator Diane Feinstein, long a promoter of weapons bans and protected environments, is apparently of a mind that environments are protected for the hunting pleasure of elected officials.

Daily Neutron staffers have interviewed the fellow who delivers bottled water to her palatial estate, and he claims that she has a secret room filled with lions and tiger and bears, and all dead. Stuffed. Heads of endangered desert tortoises on the wall. Even the fish in her guppy bowl are floating pale side up.

Mrs. Feinstein, disputing all such rumors, is quoted, ‘Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.’

The Daily Neutron will utilize all resources to find out whether this rumor has any shred of veracity.

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