The Lie of Politics

What to do about our Lying Politicians

A little over a 100 years ago a bunch of people got together and decided how this planet was to be run.

In truth, they were probably just hopping to the beat of the original bankster Rothschild.

But the fact remains, they decided that, because they had the money they should be responsible for (own) those who didn’t have the money.

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Now,here’s the funny thing: they were right.

Somebody should be in charge. Somebody should make the hard decisions.

The problem is that they made the wrong decisions.

To control society through the murder of babies, the implementation and advantage taking of war, to pit man against himself…it was all wrong.

And it was proved wrong by the fac that not even the so-called poor wanted their solution.

But the elite had the power, and they ignored the fact that having money doesn’t equate with having humanity, so they went about their business.

The greatest educational system in the world was dumbed down.

False sciences shared the propoganda.

Man was convinced that he was the only one right, and went to war.

And the whole thing was wrong.

Now we are faced with the consequences of allowing these very ignorant people to have their way.

We die in the mid-east, we import ebola, we allow the government to spy on us and take away our rights.

Slowly, we awake, but is it too late?


But maybe enough will awake fast enough to make a difference, to wallow through the coming hard times and awaken their fellow man.

Will we finally see the true enemy and make war upon him? Disengage his artifices and undo his lies?


Let me just say this: when you see a politician lie, know that he is not to be excused. His lies must be thrown in his face.

He must be revealed as a liar.

Now, virtually every politician in the US, and the world, is your target. You literally cannot fire a salvo without missing.

so, enjoy. Behind the politicians are the real bad guys, and light must be shone on them.

if you want the real story, the one behind the scenes, it has been novelized by Al Case in the phenomenal ‘The Bomber’s Story.’ Find out who really rules planet Earth, and what can really be done about it.

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