Here’s a choice look at life in America.

End of the World Arrives Without Fanfare!The End of the World Is Here!

How Napolean Created the Kindergarten Which Raises Serial Killers! ~ I Know, Let’s Organize the Children!

Find Out How Rich You Are with the Global Rich List! ~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Alligator Love! Reggie Hits It Big with Cajun Kate! ~ See ya later alligator…

Boys Take It Off! Parents Put It Back On! ~ The Full Monty Comes To Your Local High School!

What’s Wrong with America…and the Three Tenths Solution! ~ I Got Your World Problems Right Here!

How to Cook Mush and Cultivate an Awareness of God ~ A different way to make your life better.

Fun with the Seniors, or how I cured my Prostate ~ How to have a good time when you’re too old to have a good time!

The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats ~ or How to Be Politically Blind

Enjoy Your Life Now! ~ A Word to the Wise…

School – 1957 vs. 2010 ~ A terrifying tale of Little Johnny in school!

The Chaos Diet, or how to Fool Your Body ~ Don’t live to eat, live to…EAT!

This has been a page about Lifestyle.


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