How to Cook Mush and Cultivate an Awareness of God

The Correct Way to Cultivate the Big Awareness!

Mush, ain’t it grand. You can make sled dogs run with it, you can eat it, but…are you really making it right?

To understand the proper way to make mush one must first define terms. Mush is little flakes called oatmeal. You can buy oatmeal in a store really cheaply, and it is very nourishing.

God is Awareness. Your body is a vehicle within (around) which is this thing called Awareness. God would be the Big Awareness. It always cracks me up when somebody says they don’t believe in God, because they are telling me that they are not aware. Hello.

Now, to cook mush properly, one must cultivate Awareness. This is done by attention to detail in the process of cooking. Here is the specific process.

Put a half cup of oats in a clean pot, then add a cup of water. Turn the heat up to a half flame, and watch the oats carefully.

cooking mush

Mush little doggie don't you cry...

Watching the oats carefully is actually the most important part of this whole procedure. After all, you could throw Cheerios in the pot, or dogfood, and it would still cook, and you might even have something you could eat. Don’t know if you could digest it, but you could certainly eat it. Right?

The unfortunate fact is that people all too often insist upon doing something silly like going and getting dressed (you were cooking mush nekkid? Shame!) or go the bathroom, or cut the lawn or whatever. But doing such things takes your awareness away from the mush, and the result is black pots and charcoal texture mush.

I once read, if you’ll pardon the providing of texture and background for this tale, of a fellow who claimed that if a man could concentrate on one thing for three minutes he could rule  the universe. And, I have to admit, while I have only made it to two minutes and forty-five seconds (the exact amount of time it takes a pot of oatmeal to reach boil), I have found there to be a high degree of truth in this notion.

And, if you’ll excuse me flogging the dog over this subject here, you can’t stand and stare at boiling water for three minutes? You get distracted by silly things like screaming kids and flustered hubbies? Silly goose.

Anyway, the point is to watch the oatmeal, to stir it very gently, not letting it clump to one side of the pot or the other, and become aware of when the first bubbles slither out of the side of the mess.

Do not become distracted, do not let yourself become unfocused and…unaware. Remember, to the degree that you hold and cultivate and grow Awareness, to that degree you are closer to God.

The three minutes having passed, you having proven your superiority over a bowl of mush, you will find that it is the best tasting mush you have ever experienced. And it is not anticipation, or coming to grips with having starved yourself for three minutes. Rather, it is to the degree of Awareness you have cultivated, to that degree will you enjoy.

Now, a little honey, butter, cinnamon, or whatever, and your morning is going to be power packed with energy and…Awareness.

And that is how you cook mush.

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