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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Setting sights on the richest man in the world? Want to find out where you stand in his shadow, and maybe better prepare yourself for the battle? There is a website on the global rich list which will help you do just that, or, at least, let you know where you stand.

The Global Rich List is a tacky, little site, holding up the bling images of a house, a car and a poodle, and even an expensive looking ring, all embedded over a background of stacks of cash. Moola. Scratch.

getting rich

Shhh! don't tell nobody!

Simply enter your annual income, indicate whether you wish your answer in pounds, dollars, or some other currency, and press the magic button: Show Me the Money!

Zingo bingo, you now know how far ahead of you Mr. Moneybags is, or, how far ahead you are of your schmuck neighbor.

The site owners claim they have built this site so that people understand, while the fellow across the street might have a better quality of seed in his lawn, in comparison to the world you’re pretty even. So even that maybe you better crack open that cowhide you call a wallet and spread a little of your wealth around to the less fortunate.

Once you enter in the figures, you are dropped down to an outstanding menu which tells you about global salaries, how many fruit trees you could buy for farmers in Honduras, the price of a first aid kit in Haiti, or even the price of a new, mobile phone for AIDS orphans in Uganda.

My favorite, of course, is what it takes to purchase a High Def TV for an Angolan village. Well, there is the alternative, your hard dollars could go towards schooling for an entire generation of school children.

School children or HDTV. Hmmm. Even though this writer has been accused of being a little to the right of Genghis Khan, the schooling does sound a little better.

What was this writer’s score? Well, without revealing the gruesome details, I was around 4%, and don’t you dare go crunching numbers to find out the exact tally of the salary.

All humor aside, this is a nifty, little site, and the motivations are pretty cool.

Here’s the link

Now where is that fat old cat that is blocking my sun…

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