Stew, a Fantastic, Money Saving Delight!

Goop is the Ultimate Anything Stew!

I always wonder how my family came up with this secret stew recipe. The only thing I know for sure is that it was originated during the Great Depression. People didn’t need a Fat Loss Plan back then, if you know what I mean.

The family consisted of three brothers, three sisters, and a mother. Don’t ask about the father, he left, and under bad circumstances. Anyway, I always imagine them sitting around, down to the last few items in the cupboard, and deciding to throw everything together in a last stew.

anything stew

Mmmm! Goop!

A couple of pounds of hamburger and a can of Campbells Chicken Soup, not much for six starving children. So let’s bolster it up with a cup of rice. Now, what kind of veggies do we have to mix it with?

Let’s see, here’s an onion, all moldy, sitting in the bottom drawer. Ooh, look, we have some celery! And, oh, is salt a vegetable?

So there it was, six items, an Anything Stew of kingly proportions, and the family could put off starving till the next day. So they threw everything in a big pot, stuffed logs in the old stove, and sat around the kitchen to await the result. Slowly, conversation died, and a drooling aroma filled the old kitchen.

Momma ladled the stew out, and the kids chowed down, and I mean big time. In a moment, everything was gone. What had replaced the make up stew was a round eyed taste and a belly satisfaction incomparable.

The Goop, for that is what they called this anythign stew, had turned out to be delicious, filling, and stuck to the ribs. The hamburger and chicken soup gave a spot of protein and texture, and the rice expanded to fill the belly. The onion was for health and who knows what the celery did!

Throughout my own childhood, some forty years later, my father would occasionally take over the kitchen. On those days my brother and sister and I would hunker down and drool. What started out as an enforced depression era fat loss plan, grin, had turned out to be a delicacy simple in nature, yet ecstasy to the tastebuds. It was the ultimate stew.

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