Man Declares War on China!

April 27, 2014

Yup, It’s War With Them Heathens!

So I decided the best way to protect the United States, and all the people therein, is to declare war on China.

Yep, I’ll buy only American made products. Grrr. That’ll fix them heathens.

Of course, that means a few factories that make gimcracks for the Americans, you, know, gimcracks like radar systems for our fighter jets, solar panels for our homes, stuff like that, will go out of business.

world war three

I Declare War On Them Chinese!

And, the power of one man refusing to do business, a bunch of them Chinese slave workers will go hungry.

And, the Chinese won’t make that indecent profit from selling gimcracks to the US. So they will refuse to lend money to the US. And that means I’ll have to do without my social security payments. (Actually, the SS comes from the IMF, but who’s counting, eh? I mean, IT’S WAR!)

So I’ll tighten the belt and do without.

Now, the point of this stupidity here is that we depend on one another.

This idea of who rules the planet is stupid. Who cares who rules the planet as long as we all have the opportunity to work, to improve our lot, to raise families and contribute to the forward progress of mankind.

It’s governments that obsess on who’s ruling, and they obsess to the point of vandalizing the constitution here in the US of A.

So before you declare war on anybody, ask what’s best for everybody.

And then, that in mind, go after your politician.

It’s the politician who’s the bad guy.

Back in the revolutionary war statesmen asked what they could do for the people. They passed laws, and a whole system of laws, for the people.

Nowadays the politicians pass laws which make their cousin George wealthy by giving him the contract for building gold toilet seats.

Or, worse, they owe allegiance to a global consortium, one which believes in corporate laws and not human rights.

So call your congressperson. Put him on speed dial. wouldn’t it be nice if you could fix the planet by pulling the trigger on your cell phone? And not your AK?

Wouldn’t it?

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