Melanie Trump and the Politics of Despair

Donald and Melanie Trump, Victims of Degraded Attacks

Saw the latest ad against Donald Trump, featuring Melanie Trump, and it leads to some interesting questions.

Make America Awesome with Melanie Trump!First, I want to observe that I find the picture much more likable than a similar one of Hillary would be. Can you imagine Hillary sprawled, suggestively, on a bed of chinchilla fur? Oh, my!

Second, the ad was put up by the ‘Make America Awesome PAC.

A Pac is a ‘Political Action Committee.’

What action does ‘Make America Awesome want? They want the demise of Donald Trump.

What they (the MAA PAC) don’t understand is that trying to shame a man because his wife is good looking reveals a deep moral chasm in their thinking process. If you saw a good looking woman, would you go up to her husband and say, ‘You ought to be ashamed?’

So let’s examine just who the degraded people of the PAC are.

We don’t know. Doesn’t say on their website. Which means they are covert, in hiding, secretive, not transparent.

So let me ask you: would you trust the words of someone you don’t know?

Digging a little deeper, we found a Chris Marston, who happens to make a living creating/working with…PACs.

Who is he?

Don’t know. Just a face in Washington, a face who happens to be making money for creating an ad that attempts to diss Donald Trump.

So the only question I’ve got here is: Mr. Marston, could we see some nude photos of your wife? No? What…are you ashamed of her?

If you want to see some real degradation, read Monkeyland, by Al Case. It’s a red hot rocket of what could happen if America doesn’t stop picking on the slaves.

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