Merry Christmas from the Boston Bombers!

May 22, 2014

Durka Durka from them Bombing Boston Brothers

Saw an incredible piece on the Boston Bombers today. I am referring to, of course, Tamarlan and Dzhokar Tsaernev. The two doofuses who had the courage to sneak in to a public place and kill happy people.

It appears that they used Christmas tree lights in their bombs. Firecrackers and ornaments. Real part goers, these brothers, using celebratory instruments from Christmas and Fourth of July.

boston brothers bomb Los Angeles

Durka durka my ass!

A blow against Christian holidays and independence, I guess.

This by tow idiots who came to our country and took advantage of freedom and education and all the blessings of America.

Anyway, the two brothers blew people up, then went home and back to school and grinned inwardly about their cowardice.

Interestingly, one of the lawyers ploys to get these two scumbuckets exonerated was to claim that the younger brother – you know the one, he got so panicked by them mean police that he drove over his brother, then hid in a boat – is to claim that he was interrogated without a lawyer present.

One thing that most people don’t know is that Dzohkar left a note explaining his motive. He left it in the boat, he was hiding in, and it said that the US government was evil for killing innocent people.

He didn’t mention the innocent people by name, and he didn’t quite explain how killing innocent people at the Boston marathon would stop our government.

He also said that Muslims hang together, kill one and they all kill you. Durka durka.

Well, Merry Christmas, Tamarlan and Dzhokar, may you enjoy your three squares a day for the rest of your life, and your sojourn through the deepest pits of…not Boston.

If you want to read an interesting saga, based on the Boston Bombers, try The Day They Bombed the Hell Out of Los Angeles!

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boston bombers

Two brothers bomb Los Angeles!

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