Alligator Love! Reggie Hits It Big with Cajun Kate!

 See ya later alligator…

In 2005 an alligator was seen in Lake Machado, which is in Harbor City, southern California. That’s a long way from New York.

The gator was named Reggie, and he gave a new perspective on the subject of illegal aliens. People wondered where he had come from? How did he survive? Should we feed him?

Most people believe he had been raised in captivity, then, feed bills being what they are, released on the sly.


Now where's this babe...?

The news media went wild as attempts were made to catch ramblin’ Reggie. Nets were tossed, boats skimmed the lake surface at all hours, and breaths were held.

And the show went on for a year! For an entire 365 days Reggie made a mockery of his pursuers, and people counted their pets at night! The famous Crocodile Hunter even offered his surfaces.

One day Reggie was sighted sunning himself, and after all the hoorah, he was captured through the simple machinations and trusty artifice of a dog catchers pole!

Eventually, and without harm, Reggie was caught and transported to the Los Angeles zoo. He proved to be a hefty 7 feet long, and tipped the scales at near 150 pounds.

Our story does not stop here, however.

Reggie, it appears is going to be a boy toy.

That’s right, a delightful lass, name of Cajun Kate, is going to be his roomie.

Love in the zoo, splendor in the grass, suitcases making a bunch of hand bags.

While there is no report on Kate’s weight (Puhleeze! There’s certain things you never ask a lady!) it has been observed that she is about 40 years, which puts her cougar to Reggie’s 20. Of course we haven’t observed her driver’s license up close…

That all said, we wish the happy couple well.

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