Huge Rhinoceros on Loose at Florida Zoo!

Rhino takes stroll through suburbia.

Archie (no last name) a 4,000 ton rhino at the Jacksonville Zoo, decided to take a stroll. Good luck for him, somebody left the gate unlatched.

Good luck for Floridians, he was still in an enclosed area.

rhinoceros on the loose

I'm looking for my sister...


For five hours Archie strolled and moseyed, sniffed the flowers and generally enjoyed himself.

And, for five hours zoo officials scratched their heads and waited an opportunity. First they offered Archie food, but the wiley Rhino was up on that. He had been tricked into a cage many years before by the lure of food, and so was not willing to be again fooled.

Then, figuring that there is might in numbers, 20 zoo workers surrounded Archie, gave him drugs (sedated him), and led the dazed, but undoubtedly happy, quadruped back to his cage.

There are slightly more than 17,000 white rhinos in the world, which makes them not endangered, but rather ‘vulnerable.’

In the wild, the rhino has few predators. Baby rhinos can be prey to big cats, crocodiles, wild dogs and hyenas. Once grown, however, they are more than a mouthful for even the most vicious of predators.

The one predator that the rhino can’t beat is man.

Poachers have hunted this fabulous beast ruthlessly, for the horn is a valuable commodity.

The rhino horn is made up of Keratin, the same substance that makes up hair and hooves. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine for fevers, and is considered life saving.

It is also used for dagger handles in Yemen.

It has long been considered an aphrodisiac. Nature’s viagra, if you will. Though this is a false report, and obviously so if one considers that there are not a lot of rhinos.

The front horn (a rhino has two), to answer the really important question, is generally 35 inches long. The longest horn ever reported, however, is said to be a whopping 60 inches long!

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