The Truth About ‘No False images Before Me!’

The Truth About No False Images

Thous shalt have no false image before me.

Interesting statement, and one that has shaped civilization.

The quote, and there are many variations, comes from the bible, specifically from the ten Commandments.

It also comes from Exodus 20:4. You shall not make unto yourself any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

moses and stone tablets

Thou Shalt Have No False images Before Me!


And, whichever version you read, it has been thoroughly mistranslated. And, fortunately, it is one commandment that has been broken and broken again.

To understand the true meaning of this commandment one should consider the neutronic principle that the universe is a dichotomy; and that the universe is, therefore, a motor.

A motor consists of two terminals between which there is tension. Take anything apart, from galaxies to doohickies, and you will eventually resolve the thing into two component parts.

A planet has two poles, and the tension between results in the planet spinning. The more mass, generally speaking, and the greater the spin. You will find all sorts of anomalies to this, but it is a truth for bodies that are ‘living.’

A body has, as its base motor, sodium and potassium. These two elements create the tension which causes the basic cell structure of the body to exist.

An atom has the proton and the electron as the two terminals which cause the motor of the atom to exist.

So what causes the universe to exist? What are the two terminals between which there is tension?

The two terminals are something and nothing. Now, in truth, something is built out of nothing, it is all imagined. So the two terminals are the physical manifestation of reality, rocks and things, and the spiritual Awareness from which this false reality was made.

We can define the things of the universe as solid something, and we can say that this something is made out of imagination, ether, chi, prana, and so on. All spiritually oriented definitions.

So the true meaning of the commandment of having no false image is merely not to worship the things of the universe…don’t forget that the universe was constructed of spirit, by imagination.

To the degree that you believe the universe is real, and not the ‘nothing’ of spiritual imagination, to that degree do you lose your Awareness of yourself as a Spiritual being…as an Aware Being.

To the degree that you believe that the universe is ‘nothing,’ that it is a made up ‘in the mind’ sort of thing, to that degree you have Awareness, and to that degree the universe will do what you want it to.

So to have no false images has nothing to do with making statues or paintings or that sort of thing; it has to do with believing in the existence of the physical universe over your belief in yourself.

And the worship of actual physical idols, or such, is merely a minor manifestation of a beings desire to leave Awareness behind, and to believe in the physical universe over ones innate spiritual nature.

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