When Wrong is Right!

Wrong is Right!

Technically, there is no such thing as wrong, and wrong is right.. You see, you actually never make a mistake. Anything you do, no matter how ‘wrong’ it appears, is actually a decision based upon the data you possess. If you make a decision that appears wrong, it is merely a decision based on the data you were working with.

Incorrect decision equals insufficient data. Or erroneous data. Or contradicting data. And so on.

You bang your head on the roof of the car when getting in…you were thinking the roof ws higher, or your head lower, that was the data you were working with, and you actually made a correct decision based on the data you had.

adolf hitler

Even Hitler had a mother who loved him.

Maybe you were wearing shoes with thick heels, and that threw off the data. Or maybe the car was parked in a depression. Maybe everything was the way it was supposed to be, but you were drunk. That will certainly skew the decision making process.

You vote for the president, and he turns out to be a rascal, a scoundrel, a thief in cheap clothing. You didn’t make a wrong decision, you just believed his speeches, or didn’t read the data right, or some other reason.

This all gets very interesting when you consider it in light of evil.

Evil, you see, is an appellation created by man for actions he doesn’t like.

A snake isn’t evil because he bites your baby and kills him…he just thought the baby was a threat, or food, or something like that.

Hitler wasn’t evil, he was just doing things based on such terribly wrong data that the results of his decision hurt lots of people. A planet full of people.

Barack Obama is not evil, he is merely making decisions based on a confusion of data. He actually believes in Marxism, and that his drunken, womanizing father was a hero, and that the Bilderberg Group provides the only hope for the people of planet earth.

He marches, you see, to a different drum than the rest of us.

But this article isn’t about Barack Obama, he just happens to be a choice example.

What this article is about is people making correct decisions, and if you can observe the world, sever yourself from fanciful belief systems that negate the individual in favor of the state, then you can make a correct decision.

Don’t hate, don’t rage, don’t think somebody is evil, or even wrong. Merely judge them as a child who doesn’t know better, and do your best to help them observe the world, and the rules of cause and effect, sufficient to make what would be termed a ‘correct’ decision.

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