Nobody will Bury Tamarlan Tsarnaev, Mother Turns to Voodoo to Make Him Zombie

Will Tamarlan Tsarnaev walk the earth as a zombie?

The latest concerning the Boston Bombers is that no one will bury him. No cemetery wants to deal with him, funeral homes don’t want to deal with him, and it looks like the body of one of the Boston Bombers is doomed to molder and rot without proper interment.

Enter the suspect’s mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva.

tamarlan mother

Is this the face of a voodoo sorceress?

Zubeidat, according to rumors in their community, is a long time practitioner of the ancient discipline of eko arak. Eko arak loosely translates as ‘dark eye,’ or ‘dark awareness.’ And it is the discipline of putting curses on people.

Which is to say, it is a sister to voodoo, or other ‘black magick’ disciplines extant in other parts of the world.

Eko arak is actually well known in the Arab world, but it is rarely spoken of to outsiders. The reason for this is because the Muslim religion forbids mention of it. Thus, it is passed on by word of mouth, and usually in hushed whispers, and usually among the common, more gullible folk.

Gullible or not, rumor has it that the mother of the Boston Bombers is a long time practitioner, and that she is working towards actually bringing her son back to life.

Normally, even a practitioner of the blackest magick would not attempt to do such a thing, but since no one will bury her son, and since the Muslim religion commands that a person should be buried within 24 hours of death, the grief stricken mother has justified her actions.

The actual rites of turning Tamarlan Tsarnaev into a zombie include much chanting, and the sacrifice of two goats. The goats are required to be mother and son. (Daughter if the dead person to be resurrected is a daughter.)

Will Zubeidat Tsarnaev be able to resurrect her son? Will Tamarlan, if resurrected, be considered in a class with other resurrectees, such as Jesus Christ?

One thing is certain, if the distraught mother is successful, and if Tamarlan Tarnaev is brought back to life as a zombie, there will be plenty of people willing to kill him again.

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