Obama Almost Trampled by Bull at State Fair!

Obama Almost Gets His at Missouri State Fair!

The crowd cheered wildly when President Barack Obama was almost trampled by a bull at the Missouri State Fair.

The Obama we speak of was a rodeo clown who has not been identified, but the screams of the crowd were apparently in delight, not in fear.

obama clown

Did you vote for this man?

And, of course, for this political comedy the fair and its performers have been savagely attacked.

A few disgruntled onlookers, delicate hearted democruds, apparently actually believed it was the real President Obama, and they wept and wrote blogs. A few more took offense that Obama could be called a ‘dummy.’

Then the political apparatus went into swing. The Democrudic governor of the state, Jay Nixon, turned loose his spokesman, complaining that the rodeo clown and a crowd of cheering spectators do not reflect the values of the state.

The Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association hasn’t responded as of this writing to Nixon’s complaint, but it is hoped that they will stand behind their clown.

Isn’t it interesting that the idea of Obama being trampled is exactly what the crowd wanted and enjoyed?

And isn’t it true that there is free speech in this country? And not the political pap and circumcision that the politicos spout to get votes from those who aren’t able to see the difference between Obama and a clown.

Hmmm. Come to think of it…what is the difference between the president and a clown? Oh, we laugh at a clown, but I can’t say that we laugh at the president. We cry, we weep at the thought of our wonderful country being turned into a representation of his Kenyan homeland…but we don’t laugh.

At any rate, The Daily Neutron applauds the Missouri Rodeo Clown who was so astute and brilliant for giving the crowd what it wants.

Now if that state fair would come to Los Angeles this writer will be first in line to buy tickets!

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