Obamacare: Clinton Calling the Kettle Black

Obamacare and Political Positioning by the Clintons

Isn’t it odd, this Obamacare thing: people didn’t want it in the beginning, and they don’t want it now, and the politicians are quickly lining up to take advantage of the fray.

the latest news is Bill Clinton saying, “So I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got”

talented actress

I put this pic here because who in their right mind wants to look at fat a$$ hillary clinton?

You remember Bill Clinton, he’s the guy who charged his wife with the task of implementing health care back in the nineties.

Now he is taking task with Obamacare, building up political points for wifey Hillary.

This is actually a careful political ploy.

Obama can’t run for election next election, and Hillary is one of the democrats first choices.

Bill attacking Obamacare sets the stage for his wife to be considered as being against the unpopular program without being against it.

Bill said it, but it will throw favor on hillary, and thus the person who was originally a prime instigator of Obamacare will be looked at as against it.

What will happen when she gets in office?

Nothing. A lot of talk, and the wasteful, inefficient, criminal (against the constitution) program will go on being implemented.

Little fixes and larger statements, and the bag is lowered over our head. Or perhaps I should say noose.

This is not the only instance of Hillary being distanced from the fiasco of Barack Obama and positioned for the white house.

Can anybody spell Benghazi?

She was in charge, but somehow she is out of the program, pointing a finger backwards, looking like Mrs Clean when she was the one.

The really startling thing about all this is that the Republicans sit around with their thumb where the sun don’t shine. They talk about the debt limit, which is a distraction, and never go for the jugular, which is the present administration, including Hillary Clinton, tendency to lie, lie, lie.

Ah, well. Politics.

It really is time to enact Constitution 2.0. Cancel Washington’s contract and start up a whole new contract, this time without the goodies the corrupt politicians have been voting for themselves.

Have you read The Day the President Killed the United States? If you don’t, it could happen. Fiction becomes reality.

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