One thing Bothers Me About Donald Trump

Trump Has Almost Got it, but…

I was watching The Donald’s victory speech after S. Carolina. There are so many things to love about The Don, but there’s one thing that bothers me.

donald trump for president

Is a vote for me a vote for the Constitution?

First, I love his tell it like it is persona, I like the Make America Great theme, I love the get rid of Core Curriculum (I’m a teacher and see what it does to our school system), and I love his stand on the military. There is much to love about Mr. Trump, and he does seem to be the answer to my rage at the machine.

However, the one thing: Last week Apple refused to build a back door into their computers. The Donald stated that Apple should be ashamed, that they should build the back door.

And the news was filled with stories on Apple, and The Don, and the duty of Americans, even corporate America, to fall in line with the government.

But isn’t that what Obama was doing? Making it sound like you were unpatriotic if you didn’t do what the government said?

And here is the point: nobody has mentioned the fourth amendment. They have skirted it, talked about privacy, but avoided the fact that building a backdoor into everybody’s lives is blatantly against the fourth amendment?

The fourth amendment is the right to protection against search and seizure.

Obama rode into office on hope and change, and then he did what he wanted, which included making big government bigger, and kicking the constitution int he teeth. Is Mr. Trump the Republican version of this?

Mind you, I like Mr. Trump, but I wish the media would do their job and nail down such points. Until I do know the answer to such things, I probably won’t be voting.

Isn’t it a shame? That one of the few ways in which a sovereign can show his displeasure with government is to not partake?


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  1. Jefferson'sAncentor
    March 21, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Write a note to Trump. Tell him what you think and why…He’s the best we got and America’s last hope…This is it folks

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