People in the News!

Here’s what the latest and the greatest are doing right now!

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves…and Anne Hathaway? Sad Tale of Beautiful Actress

Fanfare Over Fantastic Model Fantasizing Fantasy! Model becomes author?

Singing Grandmother Rocks on Britain’s Got Talent! Go Granny Go!

Lena Horne: Most Accomplished Black Woman of the Century! One very talented black woman!

Things a Writer Can Learn from Robert B. Parker and Spenser! The Lessons of Robert B. Parker

Robert Parker is Dead, but His Jesse Stone Vision Lives on with No Remorse! A Writer’s Writer

Robert Downey Jr., The One Item that Took Him from Drunk to Iron Iron man is an…iron man!

This has been a page about popular, and sometimes not so popular, personalities.

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