Fanfare Over Fantastic Model Fantasizing Fantasy!

Model becomes author?

Many a young man’s fantasy, supermodel Tyra Banks has decided to enter the world of fantasy. She has already finished her first fantasy novel, and has immediate plans for two more.

Staging a world she knows well, Ms Banks’ fantasy is entitled ‘Modelland.’ The novel is centered around an academy for models of exceptional quality and allure.

super model turns author

First, don't bother with the big words...

Ms Banks has used real life people from her own life to craft her characters, and one should note, at this point, at what a rich life Tyra has had.

Many people just think of the drop dead super model as a face in advertising, or a talkee gal on TV. They have just scratched the surface of the undauntable Ms Banks.

Yes, Ms Banks began with runway modeling, and at the mecca of runway modeling, Paris. Her first appearance resulted in a record setting booking for 25 more shows.

Ms Banks quickly hit the covers of magazines everywhere, becomign the first African-American woman covered on Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret.

Iin 2005 Tyra moved into television starring in her own chatty show, and showing a personal side to herself. She also began appearing on television shows regularly, and even won an Emmy for her own show. Eventually she began making appearances in such movies as Higher Learning, Life-Size, Love Stinks, and more. In a true break of character, she appeared in Halloween: Resurrection.

If one thing is true about the redoubtable Ms Banks, she is not content to be a face. She used television to springboard into movies, and from there she leaped into the producing end of Hollywood with the trendy R-show fashioned after Stylista magazine.

In addition to all of the above, as it that isn’t enough, Tyra sings and dances, and has been in several music videos with artists like Michael Jackson (Black or White), Tina Turner (Love Thing), and George Michael (Too Funky).

There isn’t too much this young (only 36!) beauty hasn’t done, and there is no doubt she will continue to open doors with a bash of her stiletto healed feet.

As for now, the world waits, perched and breathless as Tyra opens the book on the life of a magical supermodel.

Typecasting, anyone?

What do you do when you are a professional model and you are, uh, ‘over the hill?’

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