Robert Downey Jr., The One Item that Took Him from Drunk to Iron

Iron man is an…iron man!

Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark in the latest Iron Man hit, has got it made. Gorgeous wife, movie roles to die for, and, let’s face it, a modicum of talent.

But where was the transition point for this Hollywood talent?

Once he was a brat packer, a binger, a fellow passed out in neighbor’s beds; a fellow who broke probation with booze and cocaine.

iron man movie

The actor's actor!


So how did he make the change from liability to major mega star? What was the one item that made his day, rocked his world, and pushed him into reality?

His wife, and the ultimatum she gave him.

The specifics of the ultimatum we don’t know, but we can conclude there was a heaping helping of ‘straighten up and fly right!’

Thus the actor is on the straight track, stardom in the clouds, and he forthrightly and with gusto pronounces, “I don’t joke when I say she is my better half. She truly is.”

And the public is glad, for Mr. Downey is one of the most formidable actors of the day. Able to charge up a wide variety of roles, from Sherlock Holmes to Charlie Chaplin, able to emit emotion without a facial twitch, Robert Downey Jr. is the actor’s actor, and now a role model to be emulated.

Hats off to Tony Stark, Iron Man, and the indomitable Robert Downey Jr.

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