Singing Grandmother Rocks on Britain’s Got Talent!

Go Granny Go!

We are speaking, of course, of the latest singing sensation, courtesy of Simon Cowell and British friends, golden voiced Janey Cutler.

She is shaky on her feet, her voice quakes, and she’s got a brogue so thick it is hard to understand her, but when sings, oh Lord, paradise has come again.

british idol

Mopping up the competition!

Indeed, she even seems a bit hard of hearing, but the lady has a voice that would charm the angels.

Rich, throaty, full, vibrant with life. Well, of course with life. After all…eighty years old? The lass has got to have lived!

Lived through wars and lovers, had children, and her children have children and…even her grandchildren have had children!

That’s living.

The question that we must ask ourselves now, however, is where has this lass been all our lives?

Why has the world been deprived of her talent?

The answer, of course, is that the world has been too busy rockin’ and rollin’ to appreciate real talent.

We’ve been busy lip syncin’ ‘Get me up before I go go,’ instead of looking for the sheer, raw talent that is a true artist.

We’ve been shakin’ our hips and partying, instead of delving into the emotional layers that peel back to reveal our true selves.

A song, and I mean a good song with meaningful and connective lyrics, and I mean in the hands of a real voice, one with timber and pitch and an understanding of what those terms mean, is a prayer.

It is a hallelujah to life, and a rejoicement in our own existence.

Well, it’s never too late, and maybe we can still squeeze a record or two out of this delightful lass with the golden voice.

Go, Janey, and bring us with you!

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