Police Run Amok! Bully Citizens! Take Over a City!

Did the Police in Boston Go Too Far?

Before you discount the above headline as bizarre, misleading and offensive, consider the deeper ramifications of what recently happened in Boston.

For several days the police rushed through that city, closed businesses, forced people off the street, all under the aegis of this new rule that isn’t a law or legal, ‘Shelter in place.’

Yes, there were circumstances of public safety, there were two bombers loose, but, the police actions, accompanied by the FBI, CIA, DHS, and every other alphabet in the bureaucratic soup, set an incredibly dangerous precedent.

boston bomber

Did this man 'win' by making America into a Police State?

A precedent that was preceded by the case of Christopher Dorner, a cop who actually did run amok and kill citizens (police officers are citizens). In the case of Christopher Dorner the police actually shot, in a wild frenzy, citizens driving down the street and minding their own business. And the affair was ended when the police decided to burn ex-officer Dorner alive!

And, if you think that was isolated, think again. Just days after the Boston Martial Law was illegally enacted, a small town in California decided to enact ‘Shelter in Place.’ Yes, there was ‘some’ mitigating circumstance, an 8 year old girl had been killed, but the fact remains: ‘Shelter in Place’ is not a law, and it is going to be grandfathered in as a way for police to control a community. Further, this writer has no doubt that it is going to be abused. Period.

At heart, ‘Shelter in Place’ is the enactment of Martial Law, and martial law, when one examines wiki, is very interesting.

…imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread.

Yes, Boston failed to protect the citizens, but to assign 9,000 cops to arrest two idiots? To allow those 9,000 cops unparalleled and unprecedented leverage in their actions?

The idea of allowing such a large force to conduct military style operations in a modern city should come under heavy scrutiny, and new rules should be put in place to control future situations.

The police, themselves, should be aware that they are potentially becoming the law breakers, and they should examine their actions that any future occurrences, such as the Boston Bombings, are dealt with by a smaller and wiser group of officers. Cooler heads, judicious planning, and lower profile actions would be more in keeping with the rights of the people, and the spirit and observance of the Constitution.

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