USA Goes Bankrupt! It’s Official!

USA Goes Bankrupt!

November 18, 2009 by al caseNice headline, eh? Scares the hell out of people, doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you something about this headline that is going to scare you more, and then, oddly, even bizarrely, make you laugh.

Here’s the scare.

It’s true. Within a very short time the country is going to be bankrupt. The government is spending more than it has, it is borrowing money from China, it won’t be able to pay it back, and we’re going to be broke.

founding father

Tom Jefferson Turns Over in his Grave!

Oh fear and doom and disaster! We’re broke! Oh, no!

Got the fear?

So think about this…what is going to happen when the country goes bankrupt?

Well a lot of people won’t be working, and they will need food. Communities will swing into action. There will be a lot of IOUs and credit between communities.

The farmers need new tractors, and gas, and seed, and so on, and the cities need food, and trades will be worked out.

So life, a bit different, will go on.

So, are you ready for the laugh?

Donald Trump was once asked about how it felt when he was going broke.     And he said something to the effect that if you owe 5K, or 10K, or a 100K, you have problems.

But if you owe millions…then somebody else has the problem.

That’s right. We owe trillions, and China has a problem. We default, and     China has to worry. Oh…they won’t get their money! Oh, no!

And while they worry, we just figure out new ways to do things.

Think about this a while, and you will laugh. Takes the pressure off. Puts things in a new light. And, all you have to do is figure out the new scheme of things, and go on about your life. Money is just an abstract, you see, something to use for trading, and a kazillion dollars missing out of somebodys imagination is not going to stop life.

Yes, there is more to it than this, but, it really is, in the long run, what is going to happen.

Uh, except for one thing.

When we go broke the government is going to cry terror.

They will claim all sorts of significant and dire circumstance, and they will try to give our country away.

Look, there is no difference between the Republiscams and the Dumbocrats.     They have proved that for over 80 years, ever since the Great Depression.     Simply, they have sold the people out, betrayed the constitution, and the proof is that we are in the straights we are in.

The government did it by mismanagement, by criminal and incompetent mismanagement. And they will tell us we have to go under a New World Order, or give up our currency, or, in some manner, give up our sovereignty.

Now, I tell you this for one reason, so that when it happens, you will know who the traitor is.

The traitor is the person who tries to give away freedom, who has sold out to enemies who wish to control our wallet and micromanage our lives.

Now, that is the real scare, and all you have to do to undo the scare is change the people in office, and stop being polite. When you see a politician…boo. Loudly. Scream at them. Town hall them. Threaten them with your good sense. Put your cell on speed dial, crank up the fax machine, and get rid of the incompetent criminals who are going to…give away the country that doesn’t belong to them.

It belongs to you, you see, and it is yours.

Nobody else.

All yours.

Later, guys and gals.

Have a sovereign day.

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