The Seven Lies of Barack Obama

Is President Obama a Liar?

The following list of lies put forth by President Obama is only a partial one. It is based upon statements he made during the State of the Union Address he made on Han 24, 2012. Much of the rebuttal data came form statements made by members of the Cato institute.


My way or the Highway!

Mr. Obama stated that there was no more American military presence in Iraq. The fact is, he subcontracted out the military duties to private companies, and he has actually expanded the American presence in the gulf. He has tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan and increased the number of troops in Pakistan.

President Obama claimed that the American automobile industry was in a state of near collapse, and only the bailout saved them. The fact is that a couple of companies were in poor condition because they had made bad decisions, and going out of business is a normal state of affairs for such situations. Companies that refused bail out aid actually thrived more than companies that were artificially propped up by the government.

Barack stated that millions of jobs were at stake when the auto industry was in danger collapse. In fact, millions of jobs were not in danger, only the jobs of companies that had, as previously stated, made bad decisions.

Barack Obama claimed that companies get tax breaks for moving jobs overseas. There is no tax break on record for companies that move overseas. The real truth is that the United States government is pushing jobs overseas through the implementation of higher taxes and more regulations.

President Barack Obama proposed ending tax breaks for the oil industry, and giving more tax breaks to the solar industry. One could make a good case for ending the government subsidizing of oil companies, but the second part of his claim, giving breaks to solar companies, is ludicrous. He makes this proposal in spite of the fact that companies his administration have been backing, such as Solyndra, have declared bankruptcy which has resulted in jobs lost, and millions of dollars wasted.

Barack Obama claimed that his administration has opened up the floodgates for oil production in this country. He has refused to okay oil production in the gulf, shut down the proposed keystone pipeline, and been an direct enemy of oil independence in the United States.

Mr. Obama touted the fact that consumers have a watchdog in light of his recent ‘recess appointment’ of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We might have a watchdog, but, unfortunately, it is a an illegal watchdog. Congress had already refused to confirm Mr. Cordray, and it wasn’t in recess when the appointment was made.

The previous seven lies showcase a president who ignores the constitution, lies to the people, and firmly believes that he is right, and everybody else is wrong. Do you want a man like president Obama, a man who prevaricates and divides, to be your president?

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