Reckless Republican Government Shutdown!

Government Shutdown! President Tells It Like It Is!

Just listened to President Barack Obama tell the country that it is the reckless Republicans that are responsible for the government shutdown.

Zip a dee do da.

government shutdown

This business that is not too big to fail!

The great thing is that…nobody cares.

The government shutdown is great because it means that the government is that much less likely to interfere in your life!

Would you give up your social security check if it meant that the government would go away? Or at least follow the constitution?

Nobody likes the government, everybody wishes the president would go back to Kenya, and…and there is some sad news here.

The sad news is that this is just a sham. It is an excuse for the government to give themselves a paid holiday.

When, in a week or two, the government finally goes back to work, do you think the government workers aren’t going to get paid for the time off?

Of course they will get paid!

So this furlough, this government shutdown, is merely a vacation. A paid vacation.

When the government finally shuts down and doesn’t pay its workers…when it doesn’t pay the lawmakers…when every day means a day without pay for the government, then I’ll believe it.

Until then, we will be subjected to the same shenanigans: monuments closed and the Republicans blamed, sob stories of starving minions, people being refused passports and oh ain’t it terrible.

I repeat, would you give up your social security check if it meant the government would finally straighten up and fly right?

Because that’s the question that is ultimately going to have to be answered if we are going to get our country back.

Hard questions for hard times, but we are the people who can do it.

Now if we can only pass a law that limits government salaries to percentages of work actually done. If we can make sure no government employee gets a check for time off.

That would be progress, and that would be a real government shutdown.

If you think the government is too big to fail, you should read The Day the President Killed the United States, by Al Case.

And you should pop on over to The Daily Neutron, the last honest (digital) newspaper.

This has been a page about the government shutdown.

2 comments for “Reckless Republican Government Shutdown!

  1. DaveW
    October 3, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    The question is would I forego my Social Security Checks?
    Not likely, right after they give up paying welfare to all those recipients, and the Congress gives up all their benefits. That also is fantasy land.
    There is no relationship between your paycheck and the amount of work done to earn that paycheck. Any Harvard or Princeton or Yale graduate of law will tell you this openly. That is why we have all those people collecting money for doing nothing!
    Any sales person in Real Estate can tell you the same thing. Sometimes you work hard and get little. Other times you work little and gain much. So what is the government response? Tax them to death.
    I think the government is run by the proverbial grasshoppers. You remember the tale of the grasshopper and the ant? The grasshopper played all day and the ant worked hard all day. Then winter came. The grasshopper wanted the ant to take him in. The ant said not likely.
    Well, these grasshoppers are seeing the winter coming on and they want the worker ants to foot the bill. Will be interesting to see the response of the worker ants.
    These people make the grasshoppers look like rank amateurs.
    I suggest the people making the rules need to be watched very carefully right now as they are planning to scam the workers once again to the tune of trillions of dollars.
    I suggest we kill foreign aid before we take a dime out of social security.

  2. crackerjack
    October 5, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    Absolutely right, and thanks for the comment. Social security is something we paid for, welfare should end first. Foreign aid is BS, end it before we end social security. But the real deal is the politicians. The guys in washington do nothing but cause trouble and pass stupid laws. We should end their salaries before we ever touch social security. We earned our SS, they earn nothing. Bunch of bozos.

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