The Republican Candidates: A Pitbull, a Shark, and a Scoundrel!

We have three vying Republican candidates: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney.

To preface this comparison of candidates, there have been very few presidents who have not been scoundrels. We have had sex fiends and cheaters and burglars and drug dealers and, of course, prevaricators.

presidential symbol

Once a symbol of honor...

While most would think this a denouncement, this writer believes quite the contrary. A man (or woman), to be driven to pursue the highest office in the land must have a high degree of motivation. That motivation, unfortunately–and we can blame ourselves as a society for accepting this–tends to become rather base at times.

So, the question now is: what kind of scoundrels are the three candidates?

Newt Gingrich is a pitbull. Attacked by Mitt Romney, he goes on the attack. Voraciously, he hangs on and shakes and tears, and pieces of Mitt are starting to come loose.

Attacked by the press, he goes on the attack, and the Press can only whine in wonderment at their savaging.

While some would cover their eyes, attempt to look the other way, I ask: do we not need a pitbull in the White House? Do we not need a fellow with these abilities to fight against those who would attack the constitution?

Mitt Romney is a shark. He is polite, classy, slick talking. Yet, make no mistake, a man who can amass mounds of wealth, who knows how to use the system to protect his wealth, has teeth aplenty.

Unfortunately, he has used his teeth to push through health care, he has taken advantage of the currents of the wind to make his mark.

Yet, wouldn’t you like to have a shark in your corner? Wouldn’t you like to have a set of teeth like his protecting your rights?

Our only concern here is: is he our shark?

Rick Santorum is…not an animal. I don’t know if this is good, considering the necessity for a certain higher degree of scoundrel to fend off the enemies who would deprive us of our rights and heritage.

Yet, he says the right things, he stands firm…so a scoundrel of no particular color may, perhaps, be the right choice.

Choice. A scoundrel, a Shark, and a Pitbull. These are our candidates, and choose wisely we must.

The enemy, you see is firmly ensconced in the White House. So ask yourselves this question: which would be better to dislodge The Great Prevaricator? Who do you trust your ability to speak freely to? Who do you depend on for your continued ability to worship freely, to walk the very streets as a free man?


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