The Root of All Evil and Modern Man’s Enslavement

How Enslavement through Politics Works

I was watching ‘Sons of Liberty’ on the tube last night, and I was struck by the similarities between the Revolutionary war and the war we are currently engaged in.

During the revolution we revolted against a far away dictator (King George). We were ignored and taxed and we had no due process. What process we had was dictated by English Generals.

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Today we are revolting against a far away dictator (name a president). We are ignored and taxed and our rights are dwindling away. What process we have is dictated by bureaucrats.

So how can this be happening again?

To understand how we need to look a little deeper. Interestingly, not into the souls of men, but into a simplicity that has infected mankind from Adam.

There is a saying: divide and conquer. Most people know it, but few understand how it is being used.

The obvious meaning is that you divide the enemy forces, then you defeat them one at a time. This makes sense, everybody says, ‘uh huh,’ and life goes on—with none the wiser.

But America has, itself, been divided. And that is how we are kept drooling, in the middle ages, a conquered people.

This came about on a very simple sequence of events.

Rothschild built a financial empire based on…’divide and conquer.’ He pitted the countries of Europe against one another until war was waged. Then he leant money to buy weapons, got richer, as mankind endured the misery of war.

To protect himself (to hide his misdeeds) he worked from behind the scenes, being content to being the ‘secret ruler.’

The United States, right from its inception, fell right into place in this scheme of things. Incitement to riot, sell the colonists a bunch of weapons, sit back and watch, and make an indecent profit.

When the rioting stops, so what if they are a new country, get them in another war, 1812, and make more profit. And so on through all the wars we have ever been.

The fact of the matter is that man to man, we get along. But groups can be inspired to fight one another.

Did you know that if you get a Republican and a Democrat together they won’t fight? They might disagree, but even that will eventually level off.

So what makes them fight? They are incited to borrow money to have vast elections, and somebody makes money on that.

Isn’t that interesting? It isn’t money that is the root of all evil, it is the person making money on other people’s misery; it is the politician: it is the person behind the politician.

We hold elections, are brought to each other’s throats, and it is solely to make money for some fellow behind the curtain.

And the same holds true between countries; especially between countries.

Rothschilds own the central bank in virtually every country in the world. If they don’t, then that country is soon attacked by people incited by the banksters. Every country in the world has a federal reserve owned and operated by the banisters which makes money when there is war, revolution, or even a disagreement between dog owners.

Now that is divide and conquer.

Politics is the cloud thrown over decent people to make them come together in common cause, which cause makes money for the fellow behind the curtain.

And how do we undo this?

Very simple. Don’t do politics.

Instead, mind your business. Figure out how to make your own money; figure out how to protect that money (by write off or whatever) from politicians and their endless bureaucracies and taxes and penalties and so on.

If you focus on that, instead of the outrage against systems which have been put in place to divide us, and for which rage there is no outlet except the creation of misery for your fellow man, then you will make money, have more ability to live a good life, and not be contributing to the divide and conquer philosophy that infects mankind.

Now, there is the solution, and which of you has the ability to use it; to put your rage away, put your nose to the grindstone, educate yourself, and move mankind away from the path of self-destruction?

Check out The Bomber’s Story. A blueprint for how to fight back against the banksters, and what might happen when we do.

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