Another Next Generation Apple IPhone Discovered!

Apple Security Needs Some Work!

The latest IPhone prototype is being touted on the website  Taoviet. This model appears to be an upgraded version of the one revealed on Gizmodo just a month ago.

The Gizmodo model was left on a barstool at a German Beer Garden by a young engineer. The engineer, Gray Powell, had taken the prototype out for a test spin.

apple iphone

Super Stealth Mode Iphone Delux!

This month the latest version was shown on Taoviet.

The Gizmodo IPhone was purchased for the sum of $5000. The Taoviet version, which might have been leaked by an actual Apple employee, cost only $4000. The price of IPhones, it seems, is going down.

The Apple IPhone is the breakout techie device of the decade. A computer in a phone, this little gadget syncs with computers, works the internet like a jaded, uh, Lady of the Night, and offers gamesters hours of good, clean fun. There are thousands of apps, so many that not even President Obama can figure them all out.

Interestingly, this writer suspects that Apple would have paid more than $4000 for their little sweetheart. The morality behind blackmail and payoffs aside, there is undoubtedly more than a few thousand dollars at stake for Apple here.

More interestingly is that the fellow who found the first IPhone, the one at the beer garden, tried to turn it in. He called Apple, was put on hold, passed around, spoke to computers, and finally given a ticket.

After the present  fiasco Apple is no doubt wished they had opened a hotline for misplaced or stolen prototypes.


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