Cars of the Future that Can Drive Up the Side of Buildings!

Futuristic cars that will knock your socks off!

Imagine this: there is a break in the traffic, so you turn left and drive at the side of your building of employment. Your vehicle easily handles the curb, avoids a fire hydrant, and…drives up the side of the building!

Up the side, avoiding windows, or possibly driving directly over specially treated glass!

future automobiles

Where's the radio?

You slither over the rim of the building and onto a parking roof. Quick as slick, you slot your car, and take the elevator down to work.

Maybe it sounds like the latest James Cameron blockbuster, but this scenario is very possible–there are actually cars that can drive up the sides of buildings!

Not full size cars, not yet. These cars are touted as ‘toys,’ but the technology they are developing and using are definitely not toylike!

The specific cars of which I speak are called Air Hogs, and for their anti-gravity death-defying feats they use hover car technology.

Instead of pushing the vehicle over the ground, eliminating the need for those pesky rubbery, donuty things, however, they push the vehicle down, sucking air so that the car is kept on surface.

Thus, as the car skitters up the surface of a wall and across the ceiling, it is suctioned tightly to the wall.


There are some people who might chuckle at the thought of extrapolating this technology to full size cars, but their chuckle is ill advised.

When this writer was a child there was a fellow name of Dick Tracy, and he had this ludicrous and silly idea that people could wear wrist watches that would enable them to communicate over distances.

And, get this, even put a sheet of paper in a machine at one point, and at another point get an exact copy of that piece of paper.

Ha! As if that could happen!


As for this writer, soon as I enter the data in the Ipod I’ll fax you the hard copy.

Then I’m going to get in my car and drive down the side of the building.

Tra la!



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