Loose ‘Zombie Satellite’ Causes Havoc for Telecommunications!

Rogue Satellite causes problems!

As if from a Hollywood script, a satellite has ‘gone rogue,’ and actually threatens earth.

The satellite, in this script, is Galaxy 15. It is a telecommunications satellite with abilities to interfere with television signals.

Galaxy 15 is owned by Intelsat, and to the consternation of that good company, the satellite has left its orbit and is currently threatening the television programming in Luxembourg.

loose satellite

Now hear this!

The cause of malfunction seems to be solar flares. Solar flares are immense ’burps’ of the sun, apparently an attempt by the sun to reconnect and align magnetic fields. These flares generate fantastic amounts of energy, and have disturbed electromagnetic fields on earth in the past.

FYI, there are 560 functioning satellites circling planet earth at the present time, out of approximately 8000 total. Do the math and that means there are 7500 dead satellites making the rounds.

Since 1957, which, courtesy of Sputnik, marks the dawn of the space age, there have been over 26,000 satellites.

That’s a lot of junk.

Or, if a person happens to be of cynical bent, a lot of programming.

There are currently no plans to clean up the debris, and actually no cause for alarm.

If a satellite’s orbit decays, it falls to earth and disintegrates.

If a satellite drifts off into space, there is an awful lot of space to fill up.

At any rate, one way or another, Zombie Satellite Galaxy 15 will be of short lived duration, and little potential damage. Unless, of course, you’re trying to read this on an Ipod in Luxembourg.

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