Seven Reasons Why the National Security Agency Spys on You

November 13, 2013

The NAtional Security Agency Abuses Your Rights!

The classic argument FOR spying by the government, which includes the National Security Agency, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), and all the other bad guys, is that if you have nothing to hide, then you don’t need to be afraid.

This is the argument cops use on the street level to get past the constitutional rights of criminals.

national security agency spies

Our government at work!

But we are talking about ordinary citizens here, not criminals.

So what are the real reasons the NationalSecurity Agency wants to spy on you?

There are a bunch, and they usually stem from one thing, information is power…information is money.

So the information can be parceled out to agencies so they will have more power over you, can bend you to their will. This is called behavior modification.

The information can be used to take more money from you. The IRS has already shown that it is corrupt and quite willing to break the constitution in order to please their bosses.

The information can be used to get more of your money so the government can pay off the debt. Which explains why the debt is growing and growing…it is a form of economic taxation designed to solidify the global banksters hold on the world.

The information can be sold for marketing purposes. Let’s say Amazon wants an unfair advantage, so they contribute to Barack Obama, who tells the NSA to release certain information to them.

The information can be used to sway people to vote a certain way, thus keeping the illusion of freedom alive, while enslaving all the more. This has obviously already been done by the IRS in the recent presidential election.

The information can be used to select only those people who are willing to support the corrupt regime, and to weed out those who might have ideas about enacting the constitution. Witness the recent purge of the military by Obama for proof of this.

To get your guns. A defanged public is a public ripe for the slaughter. This has been proven time after time throughout history.

Your options are simple here: figure out which people would be willing, should they be elected, to get rid of such things as the National Security Agency, and then elect them.

You still have a chance to defeat the bad guys, and you must, before it is too late.

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