The Shape of Civil War to Come…

August 15, 2013

How Civil War Will Happen!

To listen to the news, civil war is inevitable.

A president from another country, CIA changing elections, the press fearful and corrupted, NSA spying on all of us, and a government that does nothing but lie…civil war might just be inevitable.

And, it will be a bad civil war. Imagine the scenario below.

Slaves to bury the heroic...

Slaves to bury the heroic…

Joe and Tina got married, and decided to go camping on their honeymoon. They are walking happily through the mountains and meadows, giggling and teasing each other.

Suddenly, they show up on a screen in an undisclosed location…they have been picked up by a drone for the National Park Service. Joe and Tina have an applicatoin for entry, but that application has been slowed by a worker who needed a break. There is no sign of any legal person having permission to be in that location.

National Park Service checks with immigration.

Illegal…pardon me, ‘undocumented’ aliens have been granted entry only through a corridor in the next valley over. No permissions have been granted in that region.

National Park Service checks with other agencies. No permissions issued.

National Park Service sends an alarm to the US Military, which takes direct control of the drone via computer.

Joe is carrying a bundle which includes tent stakes and a canteen.

A speck of dust on the drone camera lens sends a garbled transmission, and the stakes and canteen are identified as gun barrels and an ammo magazine.

The computer calls a human.

No human available.

Emergency override 3:16, when no human is available the computer will issue orders in accordance with Executive Order 4,339 regarding civil disobedience, shoot to kill.

The drone unleashes a rain of fifty cals, following up with a heatseeker attuned to the human body.

Happy honeymoon, suckers!

Now, how many of you think this scenario is far fetched?

And, how many of you have the word ‘stupid’ tattooed on your forehead?

The apparatus is going into place while we speak, or rather, while we argue about whether Lois Lerner is protected by the Fifth Amendment, and while truth speakers like Edward Snowden vacation in Russia!

So, what is the shape of civil war to come?

Well, it ain’t gonna be by brawn and heroism.

We’re actually going to have to go to school in the mid-east to see what effective tactics the Arabs have come up with.

Drone proof clothing.

Wave length emitters to confound signals.

Ways of communicating without using computers or telephones.

Methods of making and carrying weapons that won’t be visible to drones.

You see, just as our forefathers, during the Revolutionary War, fought like Indians, we’re going to have to do the same.

The way the Vietnamese fought us, guerrilla-style, is going to have to be our standard mode.

The sad thing, you see, is that the government is going to hire us, those of us who don’t wish to starve, and have no moral upbringing or knowledge of an ethical nature, and we will be fighting ourselves.

Are you a mother with a child? Have you given your child a sufficient understanding of morality and the constitution to enable him to stand up against those who would suppress and destroy and live on us as slaves?

Are you a father? Proud and stupid and with a closet full of guns? You are first on the list!

Are you a man? Are you an American? Do you even know what that means?

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