Significant People

Significant People

Ratings for people outside the house, the Senate, or even the government.

How to Use this Page…

People are listed alphabetically.

After the name will be 1 – 5 stars.

If you disagree with a rating, or wish to add a rating, or even wish to suggest somebody for inclusion on this page, send an email giving your own rating and data why to

Explanations for ratings should be 100 words or less, links to videos or pages are appreciated. Give reasons, not opinions or slurs. No guarantee your data will be counted or printed.

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Donald Trump ~ 5 Stars

Hated and maligned by many, Trump has managed to reduce joblessness, bring companies back to US, lowered taxes, and so much more. Most people, when asked why they don’t like him, say his tweets, but they can’t name a tweet they have heard, so are basing their opinion on the whore media. People who say he lies usually can’t detail an obvious lie.

Hillary Clinton ~ 1 Star

Sold uranium to Russia, used a non-government computer, lost emails, smashed computer, bleached computer, can’t remember anything when questioned by congress, sold America for her foundation profit, Benghazi, and so-o-o much more.

Rod Rosenstein ~ 1 Star

Involved in the weaponizing of the DOJ

James Comey ~ 1 Star

Involved in the weaponizing of the FBI

Lisa Page ~ 1 Star

With lover Peter Strzok, conspired to undermine American election

Peter Strzok ~ 1 Star

With lover Lisa Page, conspired to undermine American election. Involved in many corrupt FBI investigations.

Robert Mueller ~ 1 Star

Ran the Russian ‘Collusion delusion.’ Involved in Uranium One (selling uranium to Russia, ran a false investigation into Trump based on entirely worthless and discredited false report.

Robert Kavanaugh ~ 4 Stars

Stood up and fought back when smeared by liberal left.


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