Brian Cushing, Rookie of the Year Positive Drug Test!

Drugs in the National Football League

Brian Cushing, Defensive Rookie of the year, amassed 134 tackles and sacked the quarterback 5 times.

A tough year for Mr. Cushing’s opponents, but the year may end up being tougher for Mr. Cushing.

defensive end in professional football

Brian Cushing's clean cut image


At the beginning of the season last year, you see, Brian tested positive for drug use. Brian maintains that he did not take any illegal substance, and that may be the case. There is no certainty that some harmless substance didn’t cause the test result to skewer.

Now, a year later, he stands to lose his Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. The associated Press is soon to cast votes for his replacement.

The question has now become whether the league should allow a talented rookie to play while the appeals process is played out.

Some hold that rules are rules, that Brian should not have been allowed to play, and that he should have sat the season out.

If the young football star is innocent, however, what a miscarriage of football justice.

The league opted for letting him play, and now the fun has started.

There have been many problems with drug testing.

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, of the Minnesota Vickings failed tests and sat out games.

Shawn Merrriman tested positive and sat out games.

Even a Naval Cadet tested positive.

And there are problems in other sports.

In conclusion, there are some people, this writer is sure, who would hold that the rules are silly, let everybody have the same drugs and the playing field will even out. What’s with the big brouhaha, eh?

This writer has a different opinion. I say go after the coaches, don’t let a player play until he has revealed his sources. The drugs being high class designer drugs in many cases, the sources could easily be ferreted out and dealt with.

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